Our Team
Our Team

Advisory Board
Jon Kaplan has proven experience "rolling up" Granite and Stone companies
Growing revenues of his Cleveland based fabrication company from $1M to $14M and then going on to rollup 3 more granite companies to a combined $43M in revenues.  Kaplan offers deep industry knowledge, connections, and operational leadership.
Gordon Bizar is an internationally acclaimed author,
 visionary, innovator and entrepreneur
With a 50-year success track record in Private Equity and deal making.  Gordon lends assistance with vetting, negotiating, and financing transactions on behalf of YAG and it's partners.
Value Creation Through Profitable Growth
Our Business Strategy Key Principles:
- Heavily invest in sales & marketing
- Proven processes & organization
- Modern & effective selling techniques
- Capex investments capture efficiencies
- Leverage technology to improve productivity - Reduce dependence on Builders and Developers
- Heavy focus on high margin (retail work)

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An "Unsexy Business" is
Untapped Opportunity
Stephen Epstein
Founder & President