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Public companies are more valuable than private ones.

Going public is key to HBR disrupting the healthcare business services sector. It offers greater earnings multipliers for our acquisitions, attract the best talent, and increases our access to financing for faster growth. We are well on our way over the next few years.

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Rapid growth through acquisition, digital transformation, and valuation arbitrage.

Step 1
Strategic Acquisitions

We acquire companies in healthcare business services with strong reputations and $500k–$2M in EBITDA.

Step 2
Digital Transformation

And transform their operations through proprietary technology to increase productivity and revenues.

Step 3
Valuation Arbitrage

Resulting in increased value of our holding company on the public market, passing the gains to our shareholders.


Deep experience with M&A, value creation, and healthcare technology.

Healthcare Business Resources acquires healthcare business service companies that are the lifeblood of the industry. Each new acquisitions provides opportunities for cross-selling. They further increase shareholder value and liquidity for our investors. Watch CEO Stephen Epstein explain our growth strategy.


Industry veterans with more than
155 years of M&A experience.

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Building comprehensive solutions for SMB healthcare market through acquisitions

Revenue cycle compliance is a constant issue that carries significant risk and requires commitment to remain compliant. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe. Below is a list of considerations: 

  • Efficient, secure, and accessible communications for patients surrounding their billing
  • Proper billing management along with denials, refunds, and duplicate claims submissions.
  • Accurate coding and documentation for medical necessity, patient documentation, etc.

The RCM industry is based on the accuracy and efficiency of the documentation of patient care. Medical codes document what ranges between medical visits to how a healthcare provider gets paid. Coding errors can become very costly if unregulated. HBR offers:

  • Top quality medical coding solutions, reviews, and cuts
  • Proprietary software to manage medical coding and related data entry tasks for providers
  • Process audits to help providers analyze their existing systems and processes before implementing new structure

Healthcare businesses tend to leak capital due to late bills, contractual misinterpretations, and inaccurate data collection. HBR reduces costs of bill collection using its comprehensive software and proprietary AI, which can quantifiably measure weak links in the revenue cycle.

    Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a financial process that healthcare providers use to track and organize all aspects of patient care ranging from registration, appointment scheduling, and bill collection. HBR increases revenue by the following: 

    • Best-in-class proprietary software to automate tasks and classifying data.
    • Optimized communication between patients, physicians, insurance companies, and healthcare offices.
    • Leverage exclusive connections in the Healthcare Business Services portfolio of companies.

    HBR acquires and develops proprietary software that increases productivity and revenue generation for providers. We believe we can more effectively deliver results with end-to-end solutions.

    • Automation and data integration for a more complete patient experience from intake to billing.
    • Machine Learning and data analysis to provide healthcare organizations with analytics focused on cost-savings.
    • End-to-end technology solutions instead of overwhelming providers with endless point solutions.
    • Custom technology solutions needed to help organizations evolved to their specific needs.

    Point Clear Solutions

    “Becoming part of HBR has been brilliant and well worth it. I should made the decision to find a strategic growth partner much much sooner.”

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    Our Traction & Growth

    June 2019

    Healthcare Business Resources formed by team with deep experience in healthcare M&A.

    Seed Equity Round
    January 2020

    First capital raise is complete as the company finalizes growth plans through acquisition.

    S-1 Registration
    October 2020

    HBR completes first two transactions with Pointclear Solutions and UPlus Health at the beginning of 2021.

    2nd Equity Round
    November 2020

    Second capital raise is completed in preparation of acquisitions, transactions, and strategic partnerships.

    First Transaction
    June 2021

    UPlus Health is acquired to provide a seamless tech integration between insurers and providers.

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